360 Modena

This model of the end of the millennium is the first Ferrari equipped with an all-aluminum body, it is also one of the first models of the brand to be equipped with electronics. It is powered by a new 90° V8 block. Its power steering has an adjustable gear ratio according to the profile of use. It prefigures the arrival of supercars with a controlled damping system that modifies the damper settings. Its design marks the transition between the F355 and the models of the early 2000s, its aerodynamics is focused on the ground effect while the designer has made some winks as the engine visible directly from the rear window.

1 Day – 24H – 250Kms980,00 €
2 Days – 48H – 500Kms1 960.00 €
3 Days – 72H – 750Kms2 940,00 €
7 Days – 1750Kms6 820.00 €
Deposit15 000,00 €
Extra kilometer : 6€