430 Challenge

The Modena’s replacement, etrenne a new V8 engine bored to 4.3 liters that with its variable valve timing (intake and exhaust) provides a quarter more power than the old block. The Challenge model is the customer competition version, lightened by 125 kg. As you can imagine, it is not road legal and you can only drive it on the track*. You can recognize it by its central nut rims, the same system as on F1 cars. The carbon bucket seats, the roll cage and the Lexan windows reinforce its racing spirit. When the driving aids (traction control, esp etc), do not look because they are disabled from factory.

1 Day3 500.00 €
2 Day 7 000.00 €
3 Day 10 500,00 €
DEPOSIT20 000,00 €
Delivery range 200KM