599 GTB

This grand tourer (GT) is first and foremost a classy showcase for Ferrari’s incredible V12 engine, which is placed in a central front position on the all-aluminium chassis. Michael Shumacher was also involved in the development of this ultra stylish coupe. The car also features several technologies directly derived from F1, such as the 100 thousandths of a second robotised gearbox or the F1-trac traction control. In terms of road handling, this model innovates with an electronically controlled (and magnetic) suspension that keeps the car on the road. Finally, lovers of standing start will want to test the LC joystick, which triggers the famous Launch Control for automatic zero to cent optimisation.
1 Day – 24H – 250Kms1 720,00 €
2 Days – 48H – 500Kms2 900.00 €
3 Days – 72H – 750Kms4 400.00 €
7 Days – 1750Kms9 060,00 €
Deposit20 000.00 €
Extra kilometer : 6€