Built entirely in aluminum (body and chassis), it is recognizable by its high beltline, generous rear fenders and central air intake on the hood. Its aerodynamics are optimized in both convertible and coupe mode, and it has an impressive CX of 0.32. If you like engines that purr with a sound of their own, you should know that the noise of the California has been particularly studied to be beautiful in both coupe and windy mode. On the assistance side, the in-house traction control (F1 Trac System) has been updated specifically for this model, it allows to gain 20% of acceleration when exiting a curve

1 Day – 24H – 250Kms1 290.00 €
2 Days – 48H – 500 Kms2 390.00 €
3 Days – 72H – 750 Kms3 290.00 €
7 Days – 1750Kms6 320.00 €
Deposit18 000.00 €
Extra kilometer : 6€