The ultimate automotive emotion

Have you ever imagined going from 0 to 100 km/h in 3 seconds…
It is to make you live this intense automobile moment that Crosa Prestige Rent car proposes you one of its 7 mytic models of Ferrari in rent.
Cruising on the cornice of Hendaye, ballad in the interior Basque Country, gastronomic trip to Pamplona or day on the Circuit of Pau in 430 Challenge you will not be able to do without the roar of the V8 of the brand of Maranello.
A Ferrari parked in front of the church in Bayonne because you are getting married, a Spider delivered to the foot of your hotel for a romantic lunch at the famous Hotel du Palais in Biarritz, there are so many opportunities to enjoy driving a Ferrari for hire.

All the exclusive Ferrari sports cars that you can rent on this site correspond exactly to the pictures you see on the following screens.

Call us directly to reserve your vehicle, decide on the schedule and the possible delivery.

In 2023, dare Ferrari


It succeeds the F430 and 550 Maranello in September 2009. Michael Shumacher participated in its development. Designed by Pininfarina, it has a clean design, unlike the 599 GTP and the California. Aerodynamics is at the center of the concept, but with discreet and super integrated accessories. This is the only Ferrari model that is only available with a 7-speed robotized gearbox, served by the Gretag dual clutch. In the cockpit, the controls are grouped together on the steering wheel like in F1, with, among other things, the choice of all the driving assistance modes.

1 Day – 24H – 250Kms1 890.00 €
2 Days – 48H – 500Kms3 400,00 €
3 Days – 72H – 750Kms4 810,00 €
7 Days – 1750Kms9 260,00 €
Deposit20 000,00 €
Extra kilometer : 6€

430 Challenge

The Modena’s replacement, etrenne a new V8 engine bored to 4.3 liters that with its variable valve timing (intake and exhaust) provides a quarter more power than the old block. The Challenge model is the customer competition version, lightened by 125 kg. As you can imagine, it is not road legal and you can only drive it on the track*. You can recognize it by its central nut rims, the same system as on F1 cars. The carbon bucket seats, the roll cage and the Lexan windows reinforce its racing spirit. When the driving aids (traction control, esp etc), do not look because they are disabled from factory.

1 Day3 500.00 €
2 Day 7 000.00 €
3 Day 10 500,00 €
DEPOSIT20 000,00 €
Delivery range 200KM

599 GTB

This grand tourer (GT) is first and foremost a classy showcase for Ferrari’s incredible V12 engine, which is placed in a central front position on the all-aluminium chassis. Michael Shumacher was also involved in the development of this ultra stylish coupe. The car also features several technologies directly derived from F1, such as the 100 thousandths of a second robotised gearbox or the F1-trac traction control. In terms of road handling, this model innovates with an electronically controlled (and magnetic) suspension that keeps the car on the road. Finally, lovers of standing start will want to test the LC joystick, which triggers the famous Launch Control for automatic zero to cent optimisation.
1 Day – 24H – 250Kms1 720,00 €
2 Days – 48H – 500Kms2 900.00 €
3 Days – 72H – 750Kms4 400.00 €
7 Days – 1750Kms9 060,00 €
Deposit20 000.00 €
Extra kilometer : 6€

360 Modena

This model of the end of the millennium is the first Ferrari equipped with an all-aluminum body, it is also one of the first models of the brand to be equipped with electronics. It is powered by a new 90° V8 block. Its power steering has an adjustable gear ratio according to the profile of use. It prefigures the arrival of supercars with a controlled damping system that modifies the damper settings. Its design marks the transition between the F355 and the models of the early 2000s, its aerodynamics is focused on the ground effect while the designer has made some winks as the engine visible directly from the rear window.

1 Day – 24H – 250Kms980,00 €
2 Days – 48H – 500Kms1 960.00 €
3 Days – 72H – 750Kms2 940,00 €
7 Days – 1750Kms6 820.00 €
Deposit15 000,00 €
Extra kilometer : 6€

355 Spider

The V8 with 5-valve cylinder head makes its debut for Ferrari on this model. Another innovation is that the 355 is the first Ferrari to have the F1 sequential gearbox with steering wheel controls. The chassis is made of steel, with a tubular rear cradle and controllable suspensions. The Spider version (convertible with electronic controls), which appeared in 1997, is very aerodynamic for a body of this type. It benefited from 1800 hours of wind tunnel studies for its optimization in “open” use.

1 Day – 24H – 250Kms1 180.00 €
2 Days – 48H – 500Kms2 360,00 €
3 Days – 72H – 750Kms3 540.00 €
7 Days – 1750Kms8 260.00 €
deposit15 000.00 €
Extra kilometer : 6€


When it came out the FF was powered by the largest block ever produced by the brand: 6.3 Liters. It is also the first car from the Maranello firm to have an in-house designed “intelligent” all-wheel drive system that manages the power delivered to all 4 wheels independently. The rest of the equipment is also super innovative like the magnetic steering dampers. The overall styling has similarities to the 599 and other models of this decade.

1 Day – 24H – 250Kms1 679.00 €
2 Days – 48H – 500Kms3 020.00 €
3 Days – 72H – 750Kms4 280,00 €
7 Days – 1750Kms8 220,00 €
Deposit20 000.00 €
Extra kilometer : 6€


Built entirely in aluminum (body and chassis), it is recognizable by its high beltline, generous rear fenders and central air intake on the hood. Its aerodynamics are optimized in both convertible and coupe mode, and it has an impressive CX of 0.32. If you like engines that purr with a sound of their own, you should know that the noise of the California has been particularly studied to be beautiful in both coupe and windy mode. On the assistance side, the in-house traction control (F1 Trac System) has been updated specifically for this model, it allows to gain 20% of acceleration when exiting a curve

1 Day – 24H – 250Kms1 290.00 €
2 Days – 48H – 500 Kms2 390.00 €
3 Days – 72H – 750 Kms3 290.00 €
7 Days – 1750Kms6 320.00 €
Deposit18 000.00 €
Extra kilometer : 6€

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

The Alfa 4C is a 2-seat coupe derived from the 8C competition. Rightly it was voted best concept car of the year in 2011 by the German magazine Auto Bild. Built at Maserati in Modena, it is distinguished by its carbon and aluminum chassis of 105 Kg which gives it an unbeatable weight. It is equipped with a dual clutch and 4 driving assistance modes including the famous Race mode.

1 Day – 24H – 250Kms980,00 €
2 Days – 48H – 500Kms1 960,00 €
3 Days – 72H – 750Kms2 940,00 €
7 Days – 1750Kms6 820.00 €
CAUTION 15 000.00 €
Extra kilometer : 6€

Rental conditions

We propose you various formulas : track test drive with a racing car “customer competition”, 30 minutes ride accompanied on the road, delivery all distances of your Ferrari onthe site of your choice.
The Basque country and its endless roads will be a perfect playground to “ride” in red on the asphalt. Renting a Ferrari in Biarritz can also be your best birthday present, wedding present or the opportunity to buzz on Instagram.

For your Ferrari rental in Biarritz you will need:

  • A valid driving license of more than 2 years.
  • Be over 30 years old.
  • A deposit paid by credit card (Amex, Visa).
  • Some driving experience if you have never driven a powerful car.