It succeeds the F430 and 550 Maranello in September 2009. Michael Shumacher participated in its development. Designed by Pininfarina, it has a clean design, unlike the 599 GTP and the California. Aerodynamics is at the center of the concept, but with discreet and super integrated accessories. This is the only Ferrari model that is only available with a 7-speed robotized gearbox, served by the Gretag dual clutch. In the cockpit, the controls are grouped together on the steering wheel like in F1, with, among other things, the choice of all the driving assistance modes.

1 Day – 24H – 250Kms1 890.00 €
2 Days – 48H – 500Kms3 400,00 €
3 Days – 72H – 750Kms4 810,00 €
7 Days – 1750Kms9 260,00 €
Deposit20 000,00 €
Extra kilometer : 6€